Small Hydroelectric Power Projects granted Feasibility Study Rights

The following are some of the projects committed to the various developers by way of feasibility study rights as granted by the Ministry of Energy. 

Under this category only projects with a potential of 20MW and below have been considered.

Contact the OPPPI for details and clarifications.


  Project Title River District Province Coordinates Developer
(A) Projects by Private Developers          
1. Chisomo Hydroelectric Projects Lukasashi/Chinsimba River Serenje Central 13.486283°S, 30.598379°E Vidullanka Plc
2. Chilongo Hydroelectric Project Chilongo Falls, Lufubu River Kawambwa Luapula  9.975434°S, 29.578106°E MPF Development Consultants
3. Pule Wa Lupansa Hydroelectric Project Lupansa River Mporokoso Northern 9.649919°S, 30.180189°E
4. Chimpempe Hydroelectric Project Kalungwishi River, Chimpempe Kawambwa Luapula 9.538562°S, 29.432350°E New Africa Power
5. Munshimbwe Hydroelectric Project Luangwa River Mporokoso Northern 9.609833°S, 30.033218°E
6. Lukulu Hydroelectric Project Lukulu/Luombe Rivers Kasama Northern 10.135203°S, 30.791100°E ECO Power Holdings Ltd
7. Luongo Hydroelectric Project Luongo River Mporokoso Luapula 10.676350°S, 28.749917°E
8. Chipapaso Hydroelectric Project Munenshi River Mpika Muchinga 11.994330°S, 31.675280°E Argent Energy Solutions
9. Kwentini Falls Hydroelectric Project Mpika Mpika Muchinga 12.407909°S, 31.473687°E
10. Chindo Hydroelectric Project Chambeshi River Senga Hill Northern 9.478856°S, 31.467331°E Bhoruka Power Lanka Ltd
11. Kabompo BOMA Hydroelectric Project Kabompo River Kabompo Northwestern 13.600459°S, 24.215877°E Mpishi Energy Ltd
12. Mutukuta Hydroelectric Project Mutanda River Mwinilunga Northwestern 12.405204°S, 25.618480°E
13. Kushijika Kesi Hydroelectric Project Mujila River Mwinilunga Northwestern 11.493435°S, 24.8077262°E Hydro Electric Power Ltd
14. Luakela Hydroelectric Project Luakela River Mwinilunga Northwestern 11.526067°S, 24.701726°E
15. Chiyesu (Zengamina II) Hydroelectric Zambezi River Ikelenge Northwestern 11.119198°S, 24.195198°E
16. Chilambwe Falls Hydroelectric Project Kafubu River Mporokoso Northern 9.832778°S,30.723889°E China Jian Xin
17. Chimpili Hydroelectric Power Project Kalungwishi River Kawambwa Luapula 9.782369°S, 29.859762°E Bukota Company Ltd
18. Kapamba Falls Hydroelectric Project Munyamadzi Mpika Muchinga 12.807000 S, 31.786000 E Atlantic Commodities 
19. Kundalila Falls Hydroelectric Project Kaombe River Serenje Central 13.154126°S, 30.703564°E Southern Africa Ferro Alloys Ltd
20. Mululwe Hydroelectric Project Mululwe River Mpulungu Northern 9.049778°S, 31.082052°E Shandong Dejian Group (Zambia)
21. Mwambwa Hydro-Solar Project Mwambwa Chinsali Muchinga 10.873823°S, 32.253549°E Eleqtra
22. West Lunga Hydroelectric Project Kakobakani, West Lunga River Mwinilunga Northwestern 11.793436°S, 24.448872°E Mwinilunga Power Company
23. Mupamadzi Hydroelectric Project Mupamadzi River Mpika Muchinga 12.783506°S, 31.257786°E Finesse Energy
24. Changa Hydroelectric Project Lukusashi Serenje Central 13.497330°S, 30.465985°E Glamugan
(B) Projects By ZESCO Ltd.          
1. Kakonko Falls Hydroelectric Project Lufubu Kawambwa Northern 9.949915°S, 29.529827°E ZESCO Ltd.
2. Mbulomututa Hydroelectric Project Kalungwishi Luwingu Luapula 9.795083°S, 29.862100°E ZESCO Ltd.
3. Mumbuluma Falls Hydroelectric Project Pule wa Luangwa Mporokoso Northern 9.548065°S, 29.746386°E ZESCO Ltd.
4. Munshimbwe Hydroelectric Project Pule wa Luangwa Mporokoso Northern Contact Developer ZESCO Ltd.
5. Mwanshya Falls Hydroelectric Project Mukubwe Nsama Northern Contact Developer ZESCO Ltd.
6. Kaombe Hydroelectric Project Kaombe River Serenje Central 13.324450°S, 30.787228°E ZESCO Ltd.
7. Namundela Falls Hydroelectric Project Manshya River Shiwang'andu Northern 11.134722°S,31.485556°E ZESCO Ltd.
8. Kalepela Falls Hydroelectric Project Pule wa Luangwa Mporokoso Northern 9.503056°S, 30.288611°E ZESCO Ltd.
9. Fumbeshi Hydroelectric Project Fumbeshi River Serenje Central Contact Developer ZESCO Ltd.
10. Kanyanga Hydroelectric Project Lukulu Mpika Muchinga Contact Developer ZESCO Ltd.
11. Malisa/Chabilika Hydroelectric Project Luangwa River Mporokoso Northern 9.525900°S, 29.720033°E ZESCO Ltd.
12. ZESCO New Hydropower Site West Lunga Mwinilunga North-Western 12.466478°S, 24.416211°E ZESCO Ltd.
13. Mujila Falls Hydroelectric Project Mujila River Mwinilunga North-Western 11.515849°S, 24.774176°E ZESCO Ltd.
14. Chikata Falls Hydroelectric Project Kabompo River Kabompo North-Western 13.580660°S, 24.256434°E ZESCO Ltd.
(C)Project by other Govt Agencies          
1. Chipota Falls Hydroelectric Project Mulembo River Serenje Central 13.218000°S, 30.431178°E DOE/UNDP